Hair Color

Transparency Pricing

At Lavish Salon we realize navigating the world of hair color and the costs can be hard to understand and hard to budget. So we offer all inclusive pricing on our color services. Additional color charges will not be added with the exception of Corrective Color. Rest assured that the pricing you see is the pricing you will be charged. Transparency = Trust.

Why Aveda Color

Up To 99% Naturally Derived Organic  and 100% Vegan Hair Color

Vibrant, fade-resistant color that improves the condition of every strand is why we choose Aveda as our go to for all our guests color needs.  From permanent hair color services to glossing services, we can customize the perfect color just for you!

Retouch/New Growth

Just like it sounds. Most common for gray coverage. Your new growth will be color matched to the existing shade on the ends of your hair. If your ends need refreshed consider booking a Color+Gloss. This service includes a complete blowout and style. For color on the go, check out our Express Color Page

New Talent Stylist100125
Stylist Level 1110145
Stylist Level 2120160
Master Stylist 3130170
Master Stylist 4145185

Color And Gloss

Has your color faded? Want more shine? Adding a gloss to your color process helps maintain your beautiful color longer while adding amazing shine. This service includes a root touch up and a color boost to add more color and shine to the mids and ends of your har. It also includes a complete blowout and style.

New Talent Stylist130155
Stylist Level 1140175
Stylist Level 2150190
Master Stylist 3160200
Master Stylist 4175215

Partial Highlighting

Choose this placement if you want a sunkissed look or need to upkeep your blondes in between full highlight services. Includes the top, sides and crown. These services include the complete package: a shine treatment/toner to achieve the desired effect and add shine, and  a complete blowout and style. If you need to touch up those roots as well add root color.

New Talent Stylist135175
Stylist Level 1160205
Stylist Level 2185235
Master Stylist 3205 260
Master Stylist 4225 290
New Talent160200
Stylist Level 1 195240
Stylist Level 2225275
Master Stylist 3245300
Master Stylist 4265330

Full Highlighting

This service is for our die hard blonde bombshells. It consists of the top, sides, crown, and back of the head…and anywhere else we can squeeze in a foil! These services include the complete package: a shine treatment/toner to achieve the desired effect and add shine, and a complete blowout and style. Beverage and snacks included

New Talent Stylist160185
Stylist Level 1185220
Stylist Level 2210250
Master Stylist 3230270
Master Stylist 4245285
New Talent Stylist185225
Stylist Level 1220265
Stylist Level 2250300
Master Stylist 3270325
Master Stylist 4285350

Balayage Looks

Balayage is a French word, which means “to sweep” referring to the way the stylist applies the color. This gives a natural transition from the dark to light. With this technique, the transition is more natural and gives a “sun kissed” look to your hair. If you are looking for a mostly blonde look, check out Blonding Services here

New Talent185 210
Stylist Level 1200235
Stylist Level 2235275
Master Stylist 3 270 310
Master Stylist 4300340

Advance Color Placement

This latest trend basically means coloring your hair with colors such as blues, violets, greens and even pastels. This is an incredibly complex service and may need several visits to achieve your desired hue. An extensive consultation with your stylist is necessary so that you get the look you are envisioning. Book your free consultation NOW

Corrective Color

For those that have had an unfortunate experience with box or non-Aveda color, our corrective service will get you back to where you want to be. Keep in mind this will require a complete consultation and planning session between you and your stylist. Let us help you LOVE Your Hair! Book your consultation here