Express Color Services

Your custom formula in just 30 minutes

Now you can get in and out of your color service faster! Whether you’re concerned about prolonged contact or just don’t have the time for a full-service color appointment, with our Express Color services, we apply your custom color formula, then you process and rinse at home.

Available for guests who:

  • Already have a custom formula with us
  • Receive all-over color or root retouch services (Sorry, this service is not available for highlights or high lift formulas.)

Some formulas may be too complicated for Express Color—we’ll check yours to make sure you are a good candidate.


What to expect

At your visit:

  • Check-in
  • Your stylist will conduct a consultation, review the home care guide and have you sign a waiver.
  • Your color will be custom-mixed and applied—and we’ll apply your head wrap.
  • We’ll set a timer on your cell phone for when you need to rinse, make sure you have your home care guide and send you on your way!
  • Checkout 

At home:

  • Wait for the color to process
  • At the recommended time, follow the instructions on your homecare guide and rinse out your color in the comfort of your own shower.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day!

Prices starting at:

Just like all our color services, final pricing depends on the amount of color used and the level of stylist you are seeing. Express color starts at $49.

Your first visit will include a $25 reusable Lavish hair wrap that can be re-used for all future Express Color appointments.