Hair Cuts

Welcome to LAVISH  Our expert hairstylists are here to provide you with a range of haircut services that will leave you looking and feeling your best. Stylists at Lavish Salon are trained extensively prior to graduation. Our prices reflect level of experience, training, and client referrals. Choose from any of our five levels of stylist, from New Talent to Master Designer 4, and achieve the look you’re after.

Whether you’re in need of a classic trim, a bold new look, or something in between, we have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life. Here’s a glimpse of the haircut services we offer:

  • Classic Haircut: Our skilled hairstylists will give you a timeless and polished look with a classic haircut. We’ll trim and shape your hair to perfection, ensuring a clean finish that suits your personal style.
  • Creative Styling: Unleash your inner trendsetter with our creative styling services. Whether you’re looking for edgy layers, textured cuts, or unique designs, our stylists will work closely with you to craft a one-of-a-kind haircut that reflects your personality.
  • Precision Cutting: If you’re all about the details, our precision cutting service is tailored just for you. Our stylists are experts in creating clean lines, defined angles, and perfectly balanced proportions to achieve a meticulously crafted haircut.
  • Layered Looks: Add movement, volume, and dimension to your hair with our layered haircut service. Our stylists will strategically layer your hair to create depth and texture, giving you a hairstyle that’s effortlessly dynamic.
  • Bang Trims: Keep your bangs looking fresh and stylish with our quick and convenient bang trim service. Whether you have blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, or any other style, we’ll make sure they’re in perfect shape.
  • Men’s Grooming: Gentlemen, experience top-notch grooming with our men’s haircut service. From classic taper fades to modern undercuts, our stylists are well-versed in men’s hairstyles and will cater to your preferences.
  • Special Occasion Styling: When you have a special event on the horizon, trust us to create an elegant and memorable hairstyle. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or any other occasion, we’ll make sure you shine.
  • Consultations: Not sure which haircut is right for you? Our stylists offer personalized consultations to discuss your hair goals, face shape, and lifestyle, helping you choose the perfect haircut that suits you.

At LAVISH SALON, we are committed to using high-quality products and techniques to provide you with exceptional haircut services. Book an appointment with us today and let our talented hairstylists transform your look into something truly extraordinary. Your hair’s journey to perfection starts here!

Master Stylist 4 $95
Master Stylist 3$90
Stylist Level 2$85
Stylist Level 1$75
New Talent Stylist$60

Our Haircut Services include a Relaxing Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment and finished with a beautiful Blowout.


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