Hair Extensions

Extensions at Lavish

Have you always wanted beautiful, long, voluminous hair you can’t stop running your fingers through? Let our trained extension stylists help make that dream come true. All of our extension services start with an in person consultation to determine color, texture, timing and price. Your beautiful new hair will be ordered at that time and an appointment made for the installation. A deposit in the amount of the hair is required prior to ordering. Hair arrives in 2-5 days and can be overnighted in a pinch! See our before and afters below.

What different extensions do we offer?
  • Your natural hair is sandwiched in between two hair wefts. The method usually lasts between 5-8 weeks before removal and reapplication. One set of extensions can be used up to 4 times.
  • Benefit: Easy to apply. Reusable. Price range $250-$1200
Beaded Wefts and Strands
  • Wefts or Strands are attached using a bead to incorporate your natural hair. The bead is then tightened around the hair strand and will remain there until it is removed. Wefts can be re-used 3-5 times. Removal and reapplication every 6-8 weeks.
  • Benefit: No adhesive. Reusable. Price Range $650-$1800
Hairdreams Nano Bonds
  • The Nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremely flat. They are practically undetectable. They are integrated seamlessly into the hair, making the transition to your hair invisible. They can be worn up to 4-6 months without salon maintenance.
  • Benefit: Longer wear without maintenance. Price Range: $700-$2200

Hairdreams Extension Care Tips and Tricks

Brush your extensions daily
  • Sort through your Hairdreams hair with your fingers by separating the individual strands from roots to the ends on a daily basis.
  • Brush your hair every day with the Hairdreams Brush.  Always hold on to the roots of your own hair while brushing.
Before shampooing brush the strands well with the Hairdreams brush
  • Rinse hair and shampoo starting from the roots to the ends. Do not rub or scratch. 
  • Finally rinse the hair thoroughly from top to bottom. 
  • After washing, sort through hair and bonding points with your fingers.
  • Apply conditioner to mid lengths and ends. Try to avoid too much conditioner on the extensions as this may loosen them over time
Recommended Hair Care for Hairdreams Extensions

We recommend the following hair care product for home use to get the most out of your Hairdreams Extensions. Your stylist may have additional recommendations.


  • Aveda Color Conserve
  • Davines Minu
Care Treatments

We recommend using a mask on the extensions every 4th shampoo. This helps the extensions maintain their softness and shine. Apply these to the mid lengths and ends only.


  • Davines: Circle Chronicles | NouNou Hair Mask | Heart Of Glass Intensive Treatment
  • Aveda: Botanical Repair Light or Rich Mask
Blow Drying Your Hairdreams Extensions

After washing carefully, towel-dry hair gently without rubbing. Next, make sure to get your bonds completely dry even if you are not drying your whole head. Always use a heat protection spray to protect your new extensions. 


  • Aveda: Speed of Light | Damage Control
  • Davines: Melu Hair Shield | Oi All In One Milk
  • Evo: Mr Fantastic | Icon Welder


  • Aveda: Nourishing Styling Creme | Volumizing Tonic
  • Davines: This is a Texturizing Serum | This is a Blow Dry Primer
  • Evo: Happy Campers | Root Canal | Shape Vixen
Beauty Sleep

Always tie your hair together or put it in a braid before you go to sleep in order to prevent your Hairdreams hair from matting. A Silk or Satin Pillowcase is recommended to keep the hair from breaking and to prolong shine.

Fun at the pool

If you can wet your hair prior to pool swimming it will keep the hair from absorbing too much of the chlorinated water. Apply a heat protectant and always tie your hair or put it in a braid. After swimming, open the braid, carefully sort through it with your fingers and dry the bonding points with a towel.