The Makeup Bag You’ve Been Waiting For

Do you have a secret stash of free-with-purchase makeup bags hidden in the back of a drawer somewhere? And are those bags covered in lipstick smears, spilled blush and powdered eye shadow? If you answered “yes” to these questions, it’s time for an upgrade.

At Lavish Salon, we search for “love” brands that inspire an emotional response, and curate the products we love to reflect that feeling. Kusshi makeup bags recently caught our eye on Instagram, and we instantly fell in love with the sleek, functional design. After investigating the brand more, we learned it was founded and owned by a woman and avid traveler—two more things we love.

We also noticed Kusshi did giveaways on their page for teachers and health care workers during quarantine. Totally inspired, Lavish owner Kristi Brehm did what any woman would do—she ordered a bag!

And once she tried it, she was hooked! The bag zips down around three sides, allowing you to open it wide to see everything in it, and features interior pockets. Can’t travel without your brushes? Purchase the Kusshi brush organizer to snap right into the makeup bag (or carry separately if you prefer) for total organization.

And the best part—Kusshi bags are machine washable! The lining of the leather bag comes out to wash, and the fabric bag can be popped right into your load of laundry.

Whether you use a makeup bag for quick overnight trips or schlep your whole makeup collection around regularly, there’s a Kusshi bag for you. The Everyday bag (small), Signature (medium) or Vacationer (large) all come in a variety of colors and linings with interior pockets, zippered sections and optional brush snap-ins, ranging in price from $49-$89 (a bit higher if you want leather).

Kusshi bags come with a duster in beautiful packaging, making them the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any deserving lady (or makeup-loving guy) on your list this holiday season.